Being Keith


Full name: Keith Evan Whann

Birthdate: January 18, 1959

Birth Location: Painesville, Ohio

Grew up in: Mentor, Ohio

Education: Undergraduate – Hiram College, Hiram, Ohio earning a BA in Business Management & Economics; Law School – Cleveland Marshall School of Law, Cleveland, Ohio earning a JD.

Occupations: Founder of the Whann Technology Group, LLC and Co-owner, President and CEO of Columbus Fair Auto Auction.


Parents: Bruce and Kathy Whann. Bruce was a chemistry professor and Kathy an RN.

Siblings: Brian Whann (born in 1960), Kelly (born 1963).

Spouse: Regina Feist (born 1963), married – not long enough.

Children: A daughter, Kiera (born 1999).

Tastes and Opinions

Favorite Places: Naples, the IT Development Room, the Columbus Fair (or any) auction lanes, San Francisco and Napa Valley. The latter probably due to his love of a good glass of bold Cabernet.

Favorite Music: Keith’s taste in music is quite eclectic and he truly enjoys most kinds. If fact, Regina remarked that on their first date he said to her: “You know this (us) is almost perfect, if you like music it is perfect.” She did and still does. Which is a good thing considering music is regularly playing on their whole house entertainment system which includes 2 iPods (loaded with nearly 20,000 songs), an impressive digital library of music and satellite radio. Classic and modern rock and jazz are the favorite genres, with some country mixed in for good measure. Keith has joked to Regina that he’d love to host a rock concert in their backyard, letting the upper patio be the stage.

Food: The Whann’s often choose to dine at home. Especially if pasta and homemade marinara sauce is on the menu, Keith’s favorite meal. Keith also enjoys grilling and possesses an outstanding BBQ-rib recipe.

Attire: Keith prefers a very relaxed wardrobe consisting of cargo shorts, jeans, t-shirts and sandals (ok, really flip flops). His attire at work has been questioned on various occassions (he often wears sandals or “backless shoes” as he calls them) to which he has replied, “I think just as well dressed like this, in fact, probably better considering I’m comfortable.”

Homes: The Whann’s have three residences located in Ohio, Florida and London, England.

Vehicles: Being constantly surrounded by cars, limiting himself to one or two is difficult. Keith drives a 2003 Mercedes SL 500, which he has maintained with care so it still runs and looks new. The only updating needed to his car was the addition of an iPod system so that he could receive a satellite radio signal, a feature not yet available when the vehicle was purchased. Keith also drives a Cadillac Escalade and has said that perhaps one day a Bentley could be in his future.

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