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How to Put Together an Effective Sales Brochure

How to Put Together an Effective Sales Brochure_auttrRecently, we reminded you of how important an effective sales brochures can be, even in the digital marketing age. Today, we want to give you a few important ingredients for a sales brochure that attracts interest from potential clients:

A clean layout with lots of white space. You never want a sales brochure to look crowded, and the more white space you have, the easier it is for prospects to make notes about important product benefits.

Good photographs of your products and/or employees. Good photographs make your sales brochure more attractive and professional-looking. Invest in a photographer if needed, but get the photos you need.

Scan-friendly copywriting. People tend to look through brochures quickly. That means benefit-centered writing, short paragraphs, and bullet points that highlight the differences between your products and the competition’s are a must.

Up-to-date contact information. Make sure that prospects know who to contact, or how to take the next step, if they are interested in scheduling a demo or making a purchase.

A good sales brochure can be a wonderful tool for supporting your producers and moving prospects through the sales pipeline. Why not talk to Marcy Design today about creating a sales brochure that does more for your company?

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